Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT) is a specialist chiropractic method which is concerned with normalising the relationship between the sacrum, at the base of the spine, and the occiput, at the base of the skull.

By making sure both the top and the bottom of the spine are functioning correctly, the entire nervous system can function properly. In the process, SOT corrects abnormal spinal mechanics and any associated nerve problems. The nature of the technique means that an SOT chiropractor can integrate large amounts of information to diagnose the underlying cause of your problems and correct them. 

To qualify as an Advanced SOT practitioner, your chiropractor must have completed over 65 hours of post-graduate training and passed a rigorous examination, with both written and practical components.

SOT treatment itself is particularly gentle; for example, the weight of the body itself is used in specific positions to make pelvic joint corrections. SOT produces lasting results in a short time; these include reduced pain, along with improved function in all parts of the body. Since the body is functioning better, many patients report improved general health and feelings of well-being.

Along with spinal and pelvic adjustments, SOT treatment will often involve cranial work to normalise the bones of the cranium. The cranial bones and other cranial structures can cause problems that are often overlooked. Correction of musculoskeletal tissue tensions around the major organs may also be performed.

SOT integrates easily with other chiropractic techniques and an SOT chiropractor will often use several different techniques and approaches simultaneously. Patients can also expect to receive advice regarding nutrition, lifestyle and ergonomics.